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    Let’s face it. Mom can’t whip up a lavish home cooked meal every night of the week. Foodservice operators are then tasked with luring families into their restaurants to ease the burden mom and dad often feel in the kitchen. Or, they’re charged with supplying convenient at-home solutions to enhance their dining experiences. That’s where we come into the picture. We’ll help you entice potential customers and then help you make them repeat customers.  

    Often thought of as a fruit filling company, Lawrence Foods has more than 300 ingredients for bakers and chefs. We're large enough to handle the biggest demands from the biggest institutions and yet small enough to respond quickly with individualized attention to solve the unique business needs of our customers.

    Food Away from Home (FAFH) captures the essence of Lawrence Foods’ partnership and drive to work with foodservice operators to deliver “away-from-home” consumer experiences by leveraging the back-of-the-house pantry with our extensive product catalog and Invisible Baker® program. We also work hand-in-hand with broadline and specialty distributors who are established and capable of delivering our ingredients and Invisible Baker® concepts to the operator community.  

    If you’re looking to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, then look no further. Lawrence Foods works closely with operators and distributors to provide unique solutions that satisfy the ever-evolving consumer palate. At the operator level, we service national, regional and local commercial and non-commercial enterprises, including restaurants, retail (supermarket foodservice and convenience stores), travel and leisure, education (K-12, colleges/universities), healthcare, military and corrections. At the distributor level, we service national, regional, local and specialty niche distributors. 

    Speaking of differentiation, the Invisible Baker® program, exclusive to Lawrence Foods, is designed to provide menu solutions for operators and distributors seeking to capitalize on baking and dessert trends. From Turtle Brownies to savory BBQ Ribs, virtually anyone can produce fresh, high quality dishes with little skill or preparation. This innovative line of quick and foolproof menu concepts increases employee efficiency, reduces waste, saves valuable storage space and generates big business.

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    We're looking forward to sharing our new product ideas with you at the IDDBA coming up June 10 - 12 in New Orleans. Please stop by our booth #2101 and see what's new!


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Pie in the Sky

Pie filling, loaded with whole fruit, is portioned for one piping hot Pie-At-A-Time®.

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