Fondant & Confectionary

Lawrence Foods fondant supplies the baker and the confectioner with the smoothest sugar base in the industry


Our fondant delivers an exquisite creaminess with a super clean flavor and silky texture. We use a special process to ensure every pail and carton radiates a milky white appearance. This superior sugar blends seamlessly with color and flavor systems. Our confectioners fondant can be used in buttercrémes, fudge icings and many other types of icing. Our Finishing Touch® rolled fondant is an easy and attractive way to enliven your cakes.



Our fondant is a blend of sucrose and corn syrup concentrated into a supersaturated solution. The end result is a white, sweet and creamy product. Fondant is used as a base or confectionary crème filling to improve flavor, texture and stability. Our fondant holds onto moisture much longer than raw sugar mixed with water. This slows the crystallization of other sugars added to icings and prolongs the freshness.


Lawrence Foods Rolled Fondant is super pliable, delicious and easy to use. Our unique formula delivers unmatched performance that won’t dry out and remains workable for as long as your project demands.