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Berry Bounty

We’ve waited so long for them this year and strawberries are finally coming into full season now! The first fruit to ripen in spring, kids of all ages relish this sweet, juicy, fragrant harbinger of spring.

According to IDDBA, two-and three-fruit flavor combinations are heating up. Combining two fruits with broad appeal makes them familiar, yet new and different. Strawberry and rhubarb were made for just such a spring pairing.

BakeMag reports that individual tarts and desserts are growing because consumers are not giving up sweet treats. Strawberry shortcake fits the bill for its simplicity, flavor layering and nostalgic appeal. Lawrence Foods has many products to help you celebrate this entire strawberry season!


Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake Stacks: Layer biscuits, mini sugar or shortbread cookies with Lawrence Foods Strawberry Rhubarb Filling and crown with whipped topping. This filling is loaded with fruit that has been carefully cooked for unparalleled fruit integrity and flavor. Each bite will burst with flavor!


Dipped & Drizzled: Use Lawrence Foods Strawberry DecoCrèmes® Icing to create an ombreeffect; drizzle with Chocolate Spread-N-Ice®. Nothing sings the season quite like strawberries! Try new Wholesome Strawberry Glaze & Fillings: Good for your label with no artificial colors or flavors or HFCS.