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Boost Your Pie-Q!

With National Pie Day right around the corner on January 23, we thought we’d share a few slices of knowledge to boos your Pie-Q!

  • Nielsen 52 week date ending 7/21/18 indicates that pie unit volume was up 18.1% over prior year, driven by mini pies, 1/2 pies and meringue pies. Mini pies are experiencing rapid growth with an increase of 11% over the last year. In months without a major holiday, that format has been the clear leader in the segment.
  • According to the American Pie Council, 7% of Americans try to pass off store bought pie as homemade! So the experts at Food Network suggest making it look Instagram-able to boost impulse purchase.
  • Flavor & The Menu reports that when diners get to the end of a meal, they generally seek nostalgia, or a known entity for that sweet ending. But we know they also want to be delighted. Pie is the perfect creative answer. Easy to combine flavors and texture spark interest and sales.

We cannot tell a lie at Lawrence Foods… we love pie! And we have lots of flavors and ideas to help enhance your pie power!


While there are the familiar flavors in the fruit pie line-u, think beyond apple: Cherry is bright and bursting with flavor. Peach and Blueberry provide a sunny outlook and summertime aura. Lawrence Foods Orchard Fresh® Whole Fruit Fillings are retort processed to true-to-fruit flavor and texture… unrivaled in the marketplace!


Our crème fillings are star performers: Taste that can’t be beat is served with a firm, creamy consistency that holds up in so many applications. They hold a cut beautifully, and are shelf stable to boot. We offer a variety of delicious flavors that are RTU and deliver on taste, utility and performance every time.