Let Lawrence Foods help you plan your features based on the latest research and new trends in the industry

Brighter Days

Everyone is looking for a little sunshine and something to brighten their day. Lawrence Foods has just what you need to make your cakes and donuts pop!

We’ve got color mastered! Our wide array of gorgeous buttercrème colors taste delicious and have color that will last. With the perfect consistency for both icing a cake and piping flowers, our Colored Decocrèmes® Icings are a decorator favorite.

For 2020, Pantone announced Classic Blue as the Color of the Year. Sureshade® Royal Blue Decocrèmes Icing will let you capitalize on this trend! This color pairs beautifully with gold, pinks and greens.


These icings have a clean, light mouthfeel with no unnatural aftertaste. The light texture performs flawlessly. Sureshade® Colored Buttercrèmes resist fading and bleeding. Even the most saturated colors, like red, have no unpleasant aftertaste and will not stain your mouth.


Perfect for donuts and cakes, just heat and dip or pour to add a pop of color to your displays. Create a statement with a seasonal display by simply rotating one or two colors into your donut case. Top with sprinkles for a little extra flair!