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Circle of Love

February has long been celebrated as the month for love, but nothing tops the infatuation we have with chocolate… And that love comes full circle when we pair February with chocolate and donuts!

IDDBA reports that indulgence is still driving bakery sector growth... And nothing tops chocolate for pure decadence. The National Restaurant Association named doughnuts with non-traditional fillings one of the 10 trends that are heating up for 2018.

Chocolate releases endorphins in the brain making people feel good all over — similar to a feeling of being madly in love. While chocolate might not be a perfect love substitute, it’s one of the best alternates you’ll find produced in mass quantity! Let Lawrence Foods lead you to true love…chocolate icings so rich and smooth that they’re loved both back-of-the-house and by your patrons.


Gimme S’more Love: Serve chocolate cake donuts for dessert: Dip donut in heated Chocolate Spread-N-Ice®. Add graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows. Torch if desired for a few seconds; drizzle with additional Chocolate Spread-N-Ice®.


Double Chocolate Raspberry Delight: Fill a Bismarck Donut with Lawrence Foods Raspberry Filling. Ice the top of the donut with heated Chocolate Spread-N-Ice®. Pipe a rosette in the center. String ice using heated icing over the whole donut; decorate as desired.