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Color Counts!

As graduation season nears, color becomes more important… So many cakes, so many celebrations! And while everyone loves buttercrème icings, consumers don’t like the bitter aftertaste that comes with many colors. 

We’ve got color mastered… Our buttercrème icings taste delicious. Period. From the hot, vibrant colors that are so in vogue now, to rich, bold shades that have eye-catching appeal, we get it. Buttercrèmes need to hold an edge, resist sagging and be easy to work with. And the color needs to last. But if it doesn’t taste great, what’s the point?

For 2019, warm colors within the sunshine spectrum will appeal to consumers as these colors convey optimism, positivity and a sense of happiness per the GNT Group. 

You can count on Lawrence Foods for colorful options that drive sales! Please check with your sales manager for stock status.


These icings have a clean, light mouthfeel that’s never greasy. The viscosity is just perfect – decorators love this product! So easy to spread, they actually minimize normal ergonomic strain. And the lighter density delivers better yeilds… which means more cakes per pail, more margin for you!


Won’t fade. Won’t bleed. Won’t stain hands. Period. These colors will last for 30 days in a refrigerated case under florescent lighting. You worked hard to create your masterpiece, so use SureShades® to protect  that WOW! factor that captures attention.