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Oh, Fudge!

During the Victorian Age, fudge became a tourist dessert because it was a novel way of making sweets. Fudgeries provided both the entertainment of watching something unusual being made as well as the happiness of eating sweets. And today, although fudge isn’t something new, both those pleasurescontinue to attract consumers.

  • According to the National Confectioners Association, seasonal chocolate confectionery sales are growing at about 7.5% annually. We have a love affair with chocolate, and the holiday season gives us permission to indulge.
  • research shows that fudge is one of the top 3 yummy gifts to receive or share. This is a long season for sharing: keep displays stocked with small packages that beg to be bought!

We have a sweet tooth at Lawrence Foods for fudge as well, and our Old Tyme EZ Fudge® is the perfect palette for your flavor artistry!



Warm Old Tyme EZ Fudge® in microwave to 165F. When slightly cooled, add liqueur of choice (almond, apricot, orange & brandy,bourbon, coffee, crème de menthe)… your choices are endless! Rollinto balls and chill. Can be further rolled in cocoa powder, nuts or dipped in melted Chocolate Spread-N-Ice®.



Making fudge on site suffuses the air with a sweet aroma to build sales! Heat fudge in oven or microwave. Add approximately 1 – 2 lbs. of inclusions for every 8 lbs. of fudge. Turn onto 1⁄2 sheet tray, smooth surface and tap to release air bubbles. Sets in about 4 hours.