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Peach Buzz

The peach originated in China and has been cultivated since about 1000 BCE. Brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century, it eventually reach Europe a century later. With over 700 varieties available, we dedicate August to hailing this luscious summer fruit.

  • According to Technomic Dessert Consumer Trend Report, 46% of survey participants favor desserts they enjoyed as children. Those childhood memories can be re-interpreted with fresh takes on classic desserts.
  • Nielsen reports that pies are continuing to show growth in bakery, with mini pies and open pies key drivers of the category. Because the filling stars, pie is the perfect showcase for what’s seasonal.

Lawrence Foods loves to showcase the best of the summer orchard with fillings that create a buzz.


Developed by French Chef Escoffier more than 100 years ago, the Peach Melba is timeless and delicious. Originally served only with peaches for Nellie Melba, an Australian opera singer, Chef Escoffier added raspberries for added flavor, color & deliciousness!


Roll pie dough into a 14” circle. Arrange peaches in center, leaving 2” of spacearound the edge. Fold crust over fruit. Finish with Spray on Shine® in place of egg wash and bake until golden.