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Molten Brownie Cake

A classic warm decadent dessert, this Molten Brownie cake is a tender brownie with a warm liquid chocolate center. Lawrence Foods’ just add water brownie mix is an easy to use, delicious mix that makes these cakes as easy to make as they are to enjoy. They can even be made in advance and warmed up to order!


  • 20 oz Major Brownie Mix #190102
  • 4.25 oz Water
  • 2.25 oz Vegetable Oil
  • Vanila Ice Cream
  • 12 oz Supreme Fudge Icing #144586


  1. Mix Brownie mix with oil and water
  2. Pipe into silicone cupcake molds
  3. Fill center with Supreme Fudge Icing
  4. Bake 350F approx. 20 minutes
  5. Freeze to unmold
  6. Warm in oven at 350F until hot and melted inside
  7. Serve warm with ice cream