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    So, is breakfast the most important meal of the day? According to the USDA, 93% of us say yes… But is it craveable? It can be when you stuff it… with fruit and crème fillings! From French toast to muffins to whole grain waffle sandwiches, the combination of flavors and textures is tough to top!

    -   NPD Group reported that breakfast sandwiches continue to grow in popularity because they are consumed by all age groups. Throw portability in, and it’s clear why the trend continues!

    -   French toast is one of the  top breakfast trends of 2014 according to the NRA 2014 Culinary Forecast.  

    -   According to IDDBA, ISB’s are poised to capture breakfast market share because consumers rate ISB’s high for freshness and quality.

    Lawrence Foods manufactures a myriad of fillings that allow you to create your signature breakfast masterpiece.


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    Menu Idea

    Blueberry Stuffed Griddle Toast

    Use quickbreads, pound cake or hearty whole grain bread: spread blueberry filling in pocket or between two pieces. You can dip in egg for a more traditional offering, or griddle without. Crunch on the outside, sweet, fruit filling on the inside!

    Bakery Case Idea


    OK, have we taken the hybrid concept too far? Muffins can be stuffed - with fillings exposed – to maximize eye appeal… talk about layering! Fruit or cream fillings, or even in combination, it’s a breakfast treat for all ages!

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