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    Who doesn’t love bread? Even Hollywood is jumping on that bandwagon! Breads are winners: from breadbaskets to sandwiches to dinner rolls, bread certainly knows how to star! So how can we make mealtimes easier and more craveable for consumers? Spice up your mealtime offering with mouth-watering savory breads!
    • Restaurant Hospitality cites evidence that traditional bread baskets are evolving to showcase the menu and differentiate that operation from competition.
    • IDDBA reports that flavored sandwich breads and rolls are capturing increased share of sales due to the consumer demand for premium sandwich options.
    Foodservice operators have long known that breadbaskets and desserts impact the diner’s perception of the meal: An interesting breadbasket makes a good first impression, while a delectable dessert caps the memory. Lawrence Foods can help make that impression count!

  • Making an Impression

    On Call 24 / 7

    Don’t just stop at the breadbasket: These savory spreads work 24/7… Cheddar Jalapeño Egg Strata, Garlic Burger Buns, Asiago Parsley Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta, Garlic Frites. Craveable has never been easier! 

    The Sky's the Limit!

    Offer your shoppers both fully baked and speed-scratch options including Cheddar Jalapeño Break-Apart Biscuits, Garlic Breadsticks, Asiago Parsley Flatbreads. These spreads provide limitless options that are easy to execute at store level.


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