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    Peanut butter lovers… your day is coming on March 1. But you don’t have to wait to enjoy this perennial favorite. From cakes and cupcakes to cookies to brownies to donuts, the possibilities are boundless. 

        -     Peanut Butter hits one of the top nostalgic notes with consumers… and nostalgia with a twist continues to be hot this year according to the IDDBA. And PB was made for flavor layering… pairing easily with chocolate, berries, bananas just to name a few.
         -    Small is mighty big… Guiding Stars suggests making the portion size palatable: individual or right-sized for two fuels the most sales.

    Lawrence Foods can get you started with the right products and ideas to take PB to a whole new, crave-able level!

  • Layers of Flavor

     Menu Idea

    Buried Treasure Cupcakes

    Poke a small hole in top center of cupcake; fill with Lawrence Foods Supreme Fudge Icing or Banana Crème Filling. Ice top with Lawrence Foods Peanut Butter Buttercrème Icing. Dip edges in chopped peanuts; top with chocolate peanut butter candy. Or try yellow cupcakes filled with sweet Strawberry Spread.

     Bakery Case Idea

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

    Ice cake with Lawrence Foods Peanut Butter Buttercrème  Icing; smooth top and sides. Pipe rosettes. Drizzle top with Chocolate RTU Ultra Dip-N-Dry Icing. Add chocolate chips to top and sides. A smaller, single 8” cake layer adds to the purchase appeal.

    Now Lawrence Foods icings are available in  NPH formulas: That means no partially hydrogenated oils are used in the formulation.

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