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  • Do You Love Fudge?

    Fudge… do we need to say anything else? Rich, sweet and so delectable! And while consumers love it year-round, the fall holiday season is especially sweet for sales!
    • The National Restaurant Association surveyed chefs and the top two trends for desserts are “house made” and "bite sized.” Truffles couldn’t be more spot-on! 
    • According to the National Confectioners Association, seasonal chocolate confectionery sales are growing at about 7.5% annually. We have a love affair with chocolate, and the holiday season gives us permission to indulge.
    • AllRecipes.com research shows that fudge is one of the top 3 yummy gifts to receive or share. This is a long season for sharing: keep displays stocked with small packages that beg to be bought!
    We have a sweet tooth at Lawrence Foods for fudge as well, and our Old Tyme EZ Fudge® is the perfect palette for your flavor artistry!

  • Your Base for Creativity

    Spirited Truffles

    Warm Old Tyme EZ Fudge in microwave to 165F. When slightly cooled, add liqueur of choice (almond, apricot, orange & brandy, bourbon, coffee, crème de menthe)… your choices are endless! Roll into balls and chill. Can be further rolled in cocoa powder, or dipped in Chocolate Spread-N-Ice.®


    Heat fudge in oven or microwave. Add approximately 1 – 2 lbs. of inclusions for every 8 lbs. of fudge. Turn into ½ sheet tray, smooth surface and tap to release air bubbles. Sets in about 4 hours. 


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    Lawrence Foods wishes to thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown us in 2016. We are truly appreciative and wish you a joyous holiday season.

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