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  • Make Mine a Double!

    February has long been celebrated as the month for love, but nothing tops the infatuation we have with chocolate… And science backs this up!
    • Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases endorphins in the brain making people feel good all over — similar to a feeling of being madly in love. While chocolate might not be a perfect love substitute, it’s one of the best alternates you’ll find produced in mass quantity.
    • The National Restaurant Association continues to cite mini desserts as one of the top dessert trends. 
    • IDDBA reports that indulgence is driving bakery sector growth... And nothing tops chocolate for pure decadence. Add a rich brownie to the base, and WOW your customers!
    Let Lawrence Foods lead you to true love…chocolate icings so rich and smooth that they’re loved both back-of-the-house and byyour patrons.

  • Double Your Pleasure

     Menu Idea

    • Brownie a l’Amour – Bake a brownie sheet using the directions on the label. Ice with Lawrence Foods Cream Cheese Fudge Icing. Score and cut into individual servings. Using a heart template or stencil, dust the heart design with cocoa powder.

    Bakery Case Idea 

    • Chocolate Tower - Bake Lawrence Foods Imperial Brownie Mix and cut into rounds using a 3" cutter. Stack the rounds, alternating Chocolate Fudge Icing and Homestyle Chocolate Buttercrème icing between layers. Top with a piping of White Buttercrème and adorn with chocolate decorations.




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    Lawrence Foods wishes to thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown us in 2016. We are truly appreciative and wish you a bountiful 2017.

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