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    Just because the menu lightens up in the summer, it doesn’t mean consumers won’t indulge. And since National Splurge Day is June 18, we propose donuts as the ultimate indulgence! What is it about donuts that makes them so crave-able? 

    According to Instagram, the top 3 most photographed bakeries / cafés were donut shops. Why? Forbes states that donuts have become part of the trend of food as art… sharing pictures on social media that ignite the viewer’s senses: In other words, it makes them drool! You can almost smell the sweet icing! And consumers feel free to enjoy all day long.

    IRI reports that retail sales of donuts continues to grow an average of over 5% per year. With the trend of hybrid flavors continuing, CPG companies are looking to get into the  action: Walmart is exclusively introducing Jelly Donut Oreos this week.

    Here at Lawrence Foods we believe you can have your dessert – and enjoy it too! Go ahead, indulge your creativity!

  • Iced!

    Menu Idea

    Chocolate Dip Sticks

    Thread chocolate donut holes (or cake balls) onto mini skewers. Serve in mini shooter glasses filled with Chocolate Crème Filling.

    Bakery Case Idea

    Donut Cake Pull-Apart

    Arrange donuts or eclairs onto a cake board. Spread chocolate crème filling or icing over the tops and continue to layer. Heat Chocolate Spread-N-Ice® and pour over the top. Decorate with additional donuts finished with our Dip-N-Dry® icings.

    Try new Wholesome Glaze & Icings: Good for your label with no artificial colors or flavors or HFCS 

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