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  • Flights of Fancy!

    Parfaits are perfect for this time of year! There are so many great flavors of the season it’s hard to make a commitment to just one… so layer it on! Get creative and mix it up…creamy fillings, fruit fillings, spicy and sweet…. It all comes together flawlessly and easily.

    • Parfaits are spot-on as desserts and snacks: layers of flavor and texture pair and complement their way to perfection. From elegant menu flights to portable impulse purchases, parfaits star!

    • Ride the pumpkin wave with creative applications: The flavor is comforting and sentimental, and consumers love seeing it on menus and in stores this time of year.

    • There are 38 million single person households in the US, and this group is growing, and 53% of all consumers opt for petite portions. Offering smaller pack sizes and single serve portions caters to this demographic segment.

    Lawrence Foods fancies the possibilities that parfaits present. Let your creativity soar and take flight! 

  • Let your creativity soar!

    Pumpkin Pistachio Parfaits

    Layer Pistachio Filling in bottom of glass; top with gingersnap cookies or spice cake; top with Pumpkin Filling and a dollop of whipped cream. Try offering an assortment of seasonal flavorites including cranberry, coconut and apple!.

     Single Mingles

    Prepare an assortment of portable parfaits and merchandise in the deli case with prepared holiday appetizers. Try layering pumpkin and Bavarian crème, lemon and pistachio, cranberry and pumpkin.  Sell individually or pack 4 – 6 per box.  

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