Let Lawrence Foods help you plan your features based on the latest research and new trends in the industry

Blooming Buttercrème Flavors

There’s no better time to start offering great tasting flavored buttercrème to bring variety and color to all your desserts. Creamy and smooth with excellent flavor delivery, these buttercrèmes offer unique flavor with versatility.

  • As the American market becomes increasingly saturated with desserts, consumers are looking for bold, strong flavors.
  • Continued consumer interest in nostalgia brings flavors of childhood ice cream to the forefront such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Cookies and Crème, and Strawberry.

Lawrence Foods’ seasonal and everyday flavors offer the opportunity to add new and exciting options for guests. Whether pumpkin for fall, or watermelon for summer, the tastes can be perfectly paired all year long.


Buttercrème Topped Cheesecakes

Rich creamy cheesecake becomes the best complement to our Flavored Decocrèmes® Icings as a simple delicious topping.  Adding color and assorted flavors can take a classic plain cheesecake to the next level.


Buttercrème Sandwiches

Layered to resemble sliced sandwiches, these cake slices are packed with flavor. Featuring flavored buttercrème and fruit fillings, these are a great way to add variety and dynamism to deli cases and retail displays.