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Bravo Bavarian

Bavarian Crème… It can star, or play a supporting role, in your dessert portfolio! Éclairs, Boston crème pies and cream puffs are traditional showcases for this delectable filling, but don’t stop there. This ”workhorse” of fillings gets an A+ in versatility: cupcakes, churros, charlottes, crepes, donuts, trifles, and fruit parfaits are all great stages for this diva of fillings!

Nielsen Fresh cites the importance of individually packaged, single-serve desserts to ISB’s. That category grew 8% - almost $900 million – from 2015 to 2016 and it continues to project upward through 2018 according to IDDBA.

According to Flavor & the Menu, texture is one of the top 10 trends for 2018. Parfaits are natural here… layers of flavor and texture build upon one another for pure perfection. Lawrence Foods Bavarian Crèmes have the star power your menu and bakery case deserve… Audition one today!


Tasty Trifles: A perfect way to keep your menu fresh and your pantry rotated: Use Bavarian crème filling to add creaminess and flavor to layers. (Almost) anything goes: use bite-sized pieces of waffles, granola, cakes (pound, angel food, sponge, layers), donut holes, lady fingers, cookies, biscuits, Danish, or cinnamon rolls. Spoon fruit or crème fillings between layers, top with whipped cream… No sharing allowed!


Prêt-à-Parfaits: Ready to go in all their creamy glory, these easy-to-assemble dessert snacks will become a staple in your case. The flavor and texture combinations are endless… let your creativity rule!