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Sassy ‘n Sweet

Lemon Meringue… such a classic blend of textures and flavors. The sweetness of the meringue complements the sassy tartness of the lemon. And the spring holidays are the perfect time to refresh this classic dessert! From tarts to parfaits, cupcakes to cakes… look beyond the pie for a fresh take on this treat!

Restaurant Business predicts that lemon will continue to surge in 2018 because it is versatile and bright. Datassentials reports that nostalgic desserts are on 53% of today’s menus, and lemon meringue fits that bill: Nostalgic, yet update-able with today’s flavor and texture profiles.

Let Lawrence Foods Instant Meringue Powder lend its charms to this party. With superior shine and stability, this meringue will not weep on your dessert parade! We have just what you need to refresh this classic!


Lemon Meringue Tarts: Fill mini tart shells with your choice of lemon filling. Prepare Instant Meringue Powder according to directions and pipe on top of tarts. Torch to desired color and set.


Meringue Citrus Cupcakes: Fill yellow cupcakes with lemon or lime fillings. Prepare Instant Meringue Powder according to package instructions and ice cupcakes generously. Torch to desired color and set.