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Black Raspberry Dessert Pizza

A toasty meringue tops this delicate black raspberry filling to become a fluffy fruity pizza that is more than just a sweet treat. Lawrence Foods Instant Meringue Powder is a just add water mix that spreads and toasts to instant perfection every time.


  • 1 Pre-Baked Pizza Crust
  • 8oz Black Raspberry EZ Squeeze® Filling #129828
  • 6 oz Instant Meringue Mix #160140
  • 8 oz Cold Water
  • 2 oz Dessert Streusel Topping


  1. On a pre-baked pizza crust spread Black Raspberry EZ Squeeze® Filling 
  2. Mix Meringue powder with water and whip to stiff peaks
  3. Toast with oven or torch
  4. Drizzle with additional Black Raspberry Filling
  5. Sprinkle with dessert topping