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Fudge Caramel Sandwich Cookie

Caramel and chocolate blend nicely in this easy to prepare cookie sandwich. Lawrence Foods Supreme Fudge and Pourable Caramel Sauce provide the creamy texture to this simple creation.


  • Sugar cookies
  • Supreme Fudge Icing #144586
  • Pourable Caramel Sauce #144324
  • Caramel Spread N Ice® #144326


  1. Lay out sugar cookies in pairs of two a top and bottom
  2. Pipe ring of Supreme Fudge Icing around outside of bottom cookie
  3. Fill the center of the fudge with Pourable Caramel Sauce
  4. Sprinkle caramel with Sea Salt
  5. Place top on cookie
  6. Drizzle with heated Caramel Spread N Ice®